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    - Conference Theme:
      Cultivating Humanity and Transforming the Knowledge Society: For a Vision of Future Education

    - Conference Date: October 17-19, 2012 (pre-conference on the 17th)

    - Conference Venue: Hoam Convention Center, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

The emerging knowledge economy demands a new relation between ‘education’ and ‘industry’ for its competitiveness in global capitalism today, blurring the boundary between learning and work, the public and the private, and knowledge business and public education at all levels. The idea of knowledge as capital underlying this demand changes the nature of knowledge for the educational concern. What does this imply for education in general and schooling in particular? How can we cope with so-called ‘the end of Education’ as a knowledge transmission? Can we re-conceive the post-industrial selfhood, sensitive to the changed economic environment while resisting dehumanization, self-fragmentation and nihilist culture consequent on the knowledge economy? Can the cultivation of humanity be a way of responding to this double challenge? What is the role of knowledge in cultivating humanity in future generation? Cultural differences represent the different meaning and value of knowledge. Different cultural understandings of knowledge and learning from the East and West may be jointly explored in search for a new vision of future education.

Possible topics that can be covered in the conference are:

  • Educational practice in the humanistic traditions of the East and West
  • Changing Nature of Knowledge in Global Capitalism
  • Knowledge, culture and value in teaching and learning
  • Arts Education for Humanity: the poetic, musical, artistic or the film
  • Multiculturalism versus Cosmopolitanism in Education for Global Citizenship
  • Role of Humanistic Knowledge for Social Justice and Democratic society
  • Spiritual Education and Ecological Education
  • Roles of knowledge in developing new competencies to go beyond the knowledge society
  • Instructional strategies for interdisciplinary learning
  • Education for creativity: How to combine technology and art & humanity in curriculum
  • Psychological theories of affective learning, moral identity, and moral learning
  • Philosophy of Counseling
  • Education Reform and the Impacts of Globalization
  • Re-conceiving school education from the perspective of future education
  • Humanistic approach to Teacher Education
  • Educational Practice for humanities in formal and informal settings of Education
  • The nature of Educational Research in Higher education
  • Changing perspectives on the idea of university for the 21st century
  • New Perspectives on Sociology of Education in the Postmodern Era: Children, the family, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, community life, globalization

  • ※ Other topics that are not directly related to the conference theme will also be welcome as far as they are concerned with education.