Asia Education Policy Forum

 Contemporary Education Policy in East Asia: Challenges and Issues

 The symposium is hosted and organized by the Korean Educational Administration Society as its 2015 International Conference and Korea-Japan Joint International Symposium of Educational Administration Society.

 Education is a key factor in economic development, especially in East Asia where economic and education development has been rapidly accomplished during the last few decades. On the other hand, these rapid developments were accompanied with various troubles. Under this circumstance, countries in East Asia are struggling to maintain their education development and to overcome these challenges at the same time. The current international conference/joint symposium promotes scholastic discussions on major education policy issues and challenges in East Asian countries.

Invited Speakers

Chong Jae Lee
Emeritus Professor,
Seoul National University

Reframing education policy framework for Governance change and School Innovation in Korea

Molly Lee
Emeritus Professor,
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Contemporary Education Policy in Southeast Asia: Philosophy and Practice

Ru-Jer Wang
Professor, President
National Taichung University of Education.

A Comparative Study of Policies for Developing the “World-Class University” and the Outcomes between Taiwan and Republic of Korea

Yoshikazu Ogawa
Hiroshima University

Global Impact on Entrance Examination Reforms in East Asia

Kai Ming Cheng
Chair Professor
The University of Hong Kong

Understanding education in the "chopstick cultures"

Session Schedule

  ● 13:00 ~ 13:15: Welcoming Speech (President of KEAS)
  ● 13:15 ~ 13:45: Kai-ming Cheng (Professor, University of Hong Kong China)
  ● 13:45 ~ 14:15: Yoshikazu Ogawa (Professor, Hiroshima University)
  ● 14:15 ~ 14:45: Ru-Jer Wang (President, National Taichung University of Education)
  ● 14:45 ~ 15:00: Coffee Break
  ● 15:00 ~ 15:30: Molly Lee (Professor emeritus, University of Saints Malaya)
  ● 15:30 ~ 16:00: Chong Jae Lee (Professor emeritus, Seoul National University)
  ● 16:00 ~ 16:45: Q & A
  ● 16:45 ~ 17:00: Closing Speech (President of JEAS)