Call for Papers

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Call for Papers
Educators have long been tasked with providing students with the required tools they need for their future careers; and as times change so too should these skills be revised. Consequently, the importance of receiving a well-rounded, balanced and state-of-the-art education has led to significant advances in the field of education. Specifically, there has been an increased emphasis placed on education for individual competency and creative thinking as dictated by changes in societal needs. In this vein, educators must encourage students to think freely and innovatively, and provide them with the opportunities to receive an education that is tailored to their individual competencies to maximize their learning. The educational sector as a whole, should be concerned with creating ways to design future education in a more productive and efficient manner. Therefore, the Education Research Institute of Seoul National University invite you to submit papers for the 20th International Conference on Education Research (ICER) 2019, under the theme of "Education for Creativity, Competency and design of future Education".
It will be a great honor for us, and an excellent opportunity for you, to share your newest research work in the field of education issues on our topic.

Abstract Submission
For the 20th International Conference on Education Research (ICER), the Educational Research Institute of Seoul National University intends to provide a platform to question and discuss the role of education. We are pleased to announce the main theme of ICER 2019, as "Education for Creativity, Competency, and Design of Future Education". Under this broad heading, we welcome you to present proposals / full papers / posters for both academic and practical discussions on the following sub-themes:

■ Education for Creativity : Model, Program, Outcome, Alternatives
■ School Reform Policy for Classroom Innovation
■ Body and intuition in human leanring
■ New Roles of Arts and Humanities for the Design of Future Education
■ Trends in Creative Studies in School
■ Competency-Based Education: Policy, Curriculum, Evaluation, Case Study
■ Design of Future Education: National, Provisional, School level
■ Educational Measurement and Evaluation for New Generation
■ New Educational Paradigm: Learner-Centered Education
■ Maker-Based Education/Game-Based Learning
■ Education with VR, AR, MR and AI
■ Innovative Approaches in Higher Education: Engineering, Medical & Science n School Restructuring for Future Education
■ Design of Lifelong Learning Society
■ Reframing Lifelong Education in Aging Society
■ Social Innovation and Future of Lifelong Education
■ Innovation in Talent Development
■ Creative Approaches in Delivering Lifelong Education Program for Minorities n Design of Citizenship & Character Education
■ Educational Technology for School, Corporate, and Military Sectors

ICER 2019 is open to any topics that can highlight and discuss the role of education in addressing creativity, competency, and design of future education.

Key Deadlines
aa Early registration of complete abstracts must be submitted to no later than the 31st of August 2019. All abstracts must include a title, a research purpose, methods and potential implications. The abstract should be written for the length of no more than 500 words and represent on original, previously unpublished work. The submission should be accompanied by the author’s information including the name, country, e-mail, telephone, affiliation, position, the title of the presentation, abstract files, and presentation style.

● The conference will offer a discount fee for those whom can submit the application within the due date(August 31st).
● For the recommended format, please refer to the sample file.

Organizing Committee
● Sun-Geun, Baek. Ph. D.(Co chair)
   Director, Education Research Institute, Seoul National University Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Cheol-il Lim. Ph. D.(Co chair)
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University

Program Committee
● Dongil, Kim. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Duck Joo, Kwak. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Dae Joong Kang. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Dong Wook, Jeong. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Seon-Young Lee. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University
● Sung-Sang Yoo. Ph. D.
   Professor, Department of Education, Seoul National University

Supporting Staffs
Haeng-soo Shin, Min-ji Kim, Jae-hong Lee, Ji-yeon Lee, Yun-ji Kong, Yoo-jin Bae, Yu-keong Song, Su-min Hong, Bo-kyung Go

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